McCandless Truck Air Audit

Client: McCandless Truck Center – Aurora, CO

Services: Design, Installation, Energy Savings, Air Compressor, Quality Control, Value, Service

Date Completed: May 2020

Location: Aurora, CO

CLS recently completed an air audit for Xcel Energy in May 2020. McCandless Truck Center received a significant rebate from Xcel as part of their Compressed Air Audit program. CLS removed an existing air compressor that was no longer working efficiently. In addition to moving the air tank upstairs and plumbing the entire system with copper, CLS installed and retrofitted equipment from our top product lines:

  • (1)-QUINCY QSB-50 (Retrofit and refurbished existing machine),
  • (1)- Sullivan Palatek UD-H30 Variable Speed Drive Compressor.-Installed new
  • (1)-ZEKS 250 CFM, 250HSGA400 Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer. Installed new
  • (1) Upright Air Receiver-Install new (1) Existing Air receiver-moved and retrofitted
  • (3)-ZEKS No Air Loss Drains.-Installed New
  • Install Prevost Aluminum Piping System and retrofit existing copper piping.

While moving the equipment to the mezzanine level proved to be a challenge, CLS was able to complete the project providing the customer with reliability and efficiency. Ultimately, this setup will save the customer money and energy.

Xcel Energy offers multiple rebates and cost savings through their Energy Savings program. CLS is well versed in the process and can help you through the audit process and start a study so you can reap the huge benefits of this program.