CLS is a world leader in high pressure compressor fabrication, sales, rentals, service and support. We design, fabricate, sell, rent and service standard to high pressure compressors. On-site fabrication, testing and painting by our expert staff provides the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

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Specialized High-Pressure Air Equipment

CLS has long been an industry innovator and world leader in high pressure air drilling, underbalanced applications, and pipeline air testing and drying. Our experience, staff, facilities, and capabilities help our customers reach new heights and save money with any project needed. Please see our attached brochure for a brief description of each unit’s features and capabilities.

Offshore Series Booster

Our Signature Offshore Series booster is entirely manufactured and assembled by the CLS team. The entire unit, DNV skid, and vessels are built and packaged in-house. No third-party manufacturers are used to assemble this booster compressor to ensure quality control throughout the entire process.

Specialty Equipment

CLS offers Nitrogen Membrane Units in our rental fleet and our sales product offerings. In addition to our world class compressors, boosters, pumps, and support equipment, we provide our customers with a superior method of producing high purity gaseous nitrogen in the field, or at the jobsite. By using mobile or site air compression, Nitrogen Membrane units can help alleviate the troublesome logistics and the high costs associated with getting liquefied nitrogen trucked, pumped, and vaporized at worksite locations. We offer a product that provides a great alternative to using liquefied nitrogen for drilling applications, pipeline testing, plant testing, offshore oil and gas. We built this unit with high respect to safety, mobility, quality, superior performance, membrane and filter longevity, and simplified maintenance and operation. Please see our attached brochure for a brief description of the unit features and capabilities.

Vendor Products

Heavy Industrial

Compression Leasing Services is proud to serve industrial clients' needs for compressors, air accessories, and service. Our skilled sales and service staff can help you size and optimize your compressed air system, and keep it running in top condition, so that you save money on energy, and get more from your compressor. From tire shops, to paint and auto body repair facilities, to just about any small or mid-size business, we have the compressors and systems for your applications.

Air Treatment & Accessories

Compression Leasing Services has always been a leader when it comes to large flow air systems that must run 24/7 to keep critical plant and manufacturing operations online. Our specialty is in distribution and service to the highest quality products in the industry. These large air systems are specifically designed for: Oil & Gas Refining, Petro-Chemical, Commercial, Laboratory Testing Facilities, Mining, Oil & Gas Recovery and Production, Manufacturing, Food and Pharmaceutical products. Our sales personnel, engineers, and service technicians are all OSHA, MSHA, and H2S certified and specifically trained in Compressor Systems and Safety for the Heavy Industrial Workplace. We are happy to come to your site to assess your needs and see how we can help you.

Compressors Line Card

For more information about our Compressors capabilities download our line card.


Additional Projects

Sullair Screw Air Compressor

A recently completed 1600 SCFM Sullair Screw Air Compressor

April 24, 2020

Prevost Piping Project

Prevost piping, Quincy 1250cfm cycling dryer, and Quincy Mist Eliminator

April 24, 2020

instrument air
Sullivan Palatek Instrument Air

From start to finish, our team made quick work of this project and built it to the client's specifications with ease

April 24, 2020