WB-12 Customization

A custom WB-12 booster for long-term rental.

Services: Rental, Service, Quality Control, Training

Date Completed: August 2020

Location: Ohio

In August 2020, CLS built and customized a WB-12 Booster for a recent customer with offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The long-term rental unit is intended for 12 months. Due to the complex nature of this machine, CLS provided the proper instructions for use, as is standard, but also in-person training about how to operate and maintain this critical piece of equipment. CLS took a team of experienced staff along for the unit’s journey to Ohio. The CLS team stayed nearly a week to provide training for the customer and the employees that will be operating the machine.

Training for this WB-12 included proper machine operations, trouble shooting, and maintenance. The customer’s team will be primarily performing maintenance and operation for the duration of the rental and CLS will provide any support or expertise on the unit outside of what was offered in the training. This full package will allow the customer to complete their large jobs over the course of the next year.