SCAIP North America, Inc.

Client: SCAIP North America, Inc. and Cross Country Infrastructure

Services: Sales, Fabrication, Quality Control

Date Completed: 2020

Location: Aurora, CO

During the 2020 summer, CLS worked with SCAIP North America, Inc., a custom machinery and equipment designer and manufacturer, to find the appropriate compressor for a new tube bending machine for one of SCAIP’s customers, Cross Country Infrastructure. SCAIP was not only looking for the new unit, but also a new distributor for reciprocating pumps for their pipeline equipment. SCAIP purchased the 350LVD H.P compressor and a tank to mount on this piece of equipment. The compressor and tank were then transferred to the main SCAIP shop in Italy to be mounted and tested. After testing was complete and successful, SCAIP then shipped the entire package back to Aurora, Colorado to its end user, Cross Country Infrastructure.

This particular bending machine was a test run for SCAIP. Tube bending is the technique of forming the material into specific layouts and shapes. With a compressor, this process can be more efficient and create more complex bends than other tube bending methods. After a successful project, SCAIP plans to build more bending machines moving forward using Quincy pumps purchased from CLS. Additionally, Cross Country is a current customer of CLS that uses Quincy parts for their bending units. CLS will be able to continue providing parts to maintain the compressor at the Cross Country location.