quincy compressor

Intersand Compressed Air System

Client: Intersand

Services: Sales, Service, Quality Control

Date Completed: August 2020

Location: Windsor, CO

Since the end of 2019, CLS has been working with Intersand in Windsor, Colorado to install a top-of-the-line air compressor system in their new building. We worked with the client as a building was being constructed around the dryer and compressor units. CLS wrapped both the dryer and compressor with shrink wrap as they needed to sit out in the elements until the building was roofed and sealed up. CLS installed a Quincy QGV-125, ZEKS 400ZHA, Quincy QMF-750, QPF-750, QCF-750, QCS-900, (7) QMAT-04 drains, (3) 550 gallon Samuel air receiver tanks, and Prevost Aluminum air piping system.  When this project ended in August 2020, over 3,000 feet of aluminum air piping was installed throughout the building. This spectacular system will provide a quality air system for years to come.