1100 CFM/500 PSI Drill Module

1100 CFM/500 PSI drill module

Services: Engineering & Design, Fabrication, Quality Control

Date Completed: December 2022

Location: Casper, WY

CLS recently completed this 1100 CFM/500 PSI drill module for a customer in the oil and gas industry. With the ability of up to 1000 SCFM air delivery at 500 psi discharge pressure, this module can be run at three different pressure set points and has a loaded drive speed input range of 1200 to 2100 RPM. With large-latched side doors for tool-free removal and easy maintenance access, the module has an overall size of 64 ¼”L x 58”W x 54 ¼”T and weighs in at 3700 lbs. Not only will this drill module design boost the drilling potential of any client, but it will also enable them to drill to greater depths compared to other drill modules on the market.

As the only drill module on the market that achieves 500 PSI discharge pressure, it is also the first of its kind. The complete screw module, which includes the 500 horsepower air end, oil cooler, cooling fan, dual air cleaners, inlet valve, oil regulator and distribution system, and all controls, had to have an on-deck footprint of only 5’L x 4’2”W. The overall height could not exceed 4’7”. Using 3D CAD design, decades of combined shop experience, and sourcing from an extensive list of vendor relationships, we were able to achieve the compact size requirements. This project also included an air/oil separator designed for the customer’s specific drilling rig requirements. The final result helped us to fulfill our customer’s contract to deliver a first of its kind product for their operation.