Preventative Winterization Checks Can Save You Money

Proper winterization of your equipment will help you avoid costly downtime or, worse, accidents due to unmaintained equipment. Ensure you have plans for a preventative winter maintenance program to keep your equipment running and your business producing during these cold months.

Catastrophic failure can occur if your compressed air unit is not properly maintained when the cold weather hits. This can include:

  • Tank Failure
  • Burst Air Lines
  • Injury if Not Properly Maintained
  • Costly Repairs of Unmaintained Equipment

Whether you are using your unit all winter long or storing it away during the colder temps, winterizing your equipment is recommended. Without the proper care, your fluids in your unit won’t flow correctly, frozen lines will cause damage, and the battery life of your machine will deteriorate.

CLS’s team can service compressors and equipment on-site or in-house with the correct specifications to ensure units run at maximum capability and reliability. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of your compressor or equipment. You can expect the same, top-notch service CLS is known for.

Preventative Winter Programs Include:

Decades of experience and the ability to work on major brands and models will give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to avoiding downtime.

Don’t let the next freeze cost you more time and money.

Contact CLS to schedule your winter maintenance check.

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