Employee Spotlight: Tyler Findley

To become a leader in any industry, there are some traits that come naturally, and others that few possess. Tyler Findley, the Weld Lead at CLS, has a balanced mix of both types of traits. Since 2014, Tyler has been a motivating leader and mentor to all that cross his path and work on his team.

Tyler started with CLS as a structural welder straight out of the Casper College Welding Technology program and quickly proved himself to be strong employee. Since then, he has grown tremendously, learning multiple welding processes, transitioning into code welding, and is now leading a crew.

The drive that Tyler has is contagious. In fact, most members of the CLS team would love to work beside him any day of the week. Sharing his welding experience and strong work ethic inspires his crew to work harder and produce the best product possible. When it comes to training, Tyler is a go-to because of his experience and positive attitude. Whenever a more complex project arises, Tyler is the first to get to work on it. His never-give-up, can-do attitude helps solve issues big or small and ensures that CLS is always putting out an end product we can be proud of.

Wyoming is the perfect setting for the hobbies Tyler enjoys. He loves to be in the great outdoors hunting and fishing with family and friends. The true apple of his eye is his little girl, to whom he is a wonderful father.

We couldn’t ask for a better Weld Lead on our CLS team than someone with such a work ethic and positive attitude as Tyler. Thank you for choosing CLS to lend your experience and expertise over the years!