air systems evaluations

Benefits of Air Systems Evaluations

Purchasing an air compressor is a large purchase on its own but operating it on a daily basis can be extra costly if not maintained correctly. While fixing these issues may be enough to lower the expenditure of owning an air compressor, another option to drastically decrease costs lies within Air Systems Evaluations.   

The purpose of these evaluations is to ensure your system is running as efficient as possible resulting in cost savings and a lower carbon footprint. CLS’ Compressed Air System Evaluations are detailed reports created from data that is gathered for a prescribed period of time using metered data loggers. Normally this prescribed period is 3-7 days.  

CLS performs Compressed Air System Evaluations to determine areas of improvement and inefficiencies with your compressed air system such as:   

  • Capturing Potential Energy Savings  
  • Ascertaining Operational, Maintenance & Performance Issues  
  • Assessment Tool for Updating & Purchasing New Equipment  
  • Capitalizing on Energy Reduction & Incentives from Energy Providers  

These evaluations create greener systems and provide great value, because compressed air production is often one of the primary energy expenses and most inefficient systems in an industrial plant. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that the energy costs for the average compressed air system can be reduced by 20% to 35% percent. For many companies this can present capital savings annually. The main sources of compressed air energy losses include air leaks, equipment inefficiencies, production and distribution inefficiencies, excessive pressure drop, artificial demand, and maintenance and performance issues.  

Scheduling routine Compressed Air System Evaluations can provide engineered answers and solutions identifying the areas of a compressed air system that require repairs or upgrades, which when corrected will improve system efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and provide huge cost savings.  

As we move forward into a new year, it is important to budget for these Air Systems Evaluations in order to create a significant cost savings in the long run. The equipment and labor to complete this type of evaluation is specific to your plant needs. Our estimate to provide the evaluation is based on your current system or system upgrades so each evaluation is customized to your needs.  

Call CLS today to schedule your annual Air Systems Evaluations. Protect your investment, lower your operating costs, and feel confident that CLS will keep your equipment running efficiently when you need it most.