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Custom Machining is a Solution to Discontinued Parts

Purchasing a new piece of equipment for your operations is no small feat. A great amount of research and effort goes into finding the right product that will last for years to come. Owning a piece of equipment can save money, streamline your team and operations, and reduce labor costs due to increased efficiencies.

But what happens when something breaks or wears out on your expensive machine? Do you throw in the towel and purchase a new one? Likely not, and we would agree that you shouldn’t. CLS carries replacement parts for many compressors and custom equipment, so when the unexpected happens, you can get back to work.

However, there comes a time when the companies that manufacture these replacement parts find that the demand on a certain part is no longer worth the cost of labor and materials and stop making the part altogether. Using our drafting and engineering departments as well as multiple CNC mill turn machines, CLS has been able to replicate many discontinued parts for our clients. Whether you purchased your unit from us or from another distributor, our team can take any part on your machine that needs replacing and create an exact replacement. In addition to these CNC and manual machines, we have up to a 100-ton press capability to repair and create new parts for compressors, heavy equipment and specialty items.

With special expertise in parts and repairs, downhole pump parts, compressor valves, valve chairs, valve caps, distance pieces, cylinders, cylinder lining, packing boxes, pressure and wiper packing, pistons, piston rods, rings and bands, and more our experts will ensure that your replacement part will fit your machine as if it were created for it in the first place.

The next time you are in need of a discontinued replacement part, don’t get frustrated, call CLS and get the right part. CLS has a quick and reliable turnaround time on all parts so you can bounce back from downtime and get back to do your job with confidence.