Employee Spotlight: Mark Garcia

Since 2018, Mark Garcia has been a familiar face at CLS’ Houston location. As a Service Technician, Mark maintains customer air compressors and related equipment. He also performs preventative maintenance and troubleshoots electrical and mechanical issues with air compressor systems. Mark has always shown his dedication to the Houston branch, working hard to keep customer relations intact. Over the last few months, Mark has started to take on a sales role.

Mark is always ready to help. There are multiple times a week where he steps out of his job scope and helps other departments complete tasks. He has provided extra help in the parts department, dropping off orders with customers, and pulling parts for upcoming jobs making his role within the company well-rounded.

Mark’s helpful nature extends beyond CLS and into his community. To help his community, he spends some weekends helping people fix their cars that may not have the funds to take their vehicles in to mechanic shops and is also a member of Discover Life Church. Mark spends his free time building his Subaru BRZ. After a couple of years of hard work, Mark’s 700HP project will soon be on the track.

Because of employees like Mark, CLS is able to provide reliable, quality services and products to our customers. Many customers appreciate knowing a job will be completed no matter how long it may take because once Mark sets his mind on a task and it will get completed.

Thank you, Mark, for your dedication and commitment to excellence at CLS!