Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Thornton

Essential positions within a company call for exceptional people to do the job right and well. Stephanie Thornton in accounts payable has been with CLS since 2018 and is exceptional, not only at CLS, but in her personal life as well.

Stephanie selflessly gives each week as a Natrona County Meals On Wheels superstar. Rain, snow, or shine, Stephanie delivers meals every Monday to homebound residents. When supplies are low for Meals on Wheels as they currently are, Stephanie stepped up to purchase much needed supplies so they can continue delivering meals each day. In addition, she’s been taking on extra shifts in efforts to help Meals on Wheels with additional needs due to COVID-19.

An excellent communicator, Stephanie can always be counted on for her positive attitude, handling delicate situations with grace, and building invaluable relationships with CLS customers and vendors. Not to mention, she is an amazing cook as she put together the People’s Choice Award-winning chili at the API Chili Cookoff this year.

Stephanie’s compassion for others, positivity, and ability to find the silver lining in every situation make her a valuable employee, friend, and neighbor.

To learn more about the mission that Stephanie cares deeply about please visit www.mealswheels.com