Employee Spotlight: Bob Slinger

Since 2011, Industrial Air Lead Bob Slinger (A.K.A “Little Bob”) has been an integral member of the CLS team. Bob’s dedication and determination to ensure a task or project is completed, is not only noticed by his fellow employees, but by our customers as well.  Bob is often requested by our customers to lead a project or complete a service.  

With an attitude to do the job well and to do it correctly, Bob is a respected mentor who is always willing to jump in and lend a hand with any CLS department or branch. Bob is tasked with training all field technicians in Industrial Air servicing, repairs, troubleshooting, scheduling, full system installations and so much more. When difficult and challenging projects arise, we can count on Bob to tackle the challenge; in fact, he is usually the first to step up to the plate and take the project head on!

While Bob is loyal and dedicated to CLS, he is also a loyal and dedicated family man and friend. When time allows, he enjoys rock crawling with friend in Moab. 

We are so thankful and proud to have Bob on the CLS team. Bob’s work accomplished and the expertise and care that comes along with it make him an invaluable member of the CLS team, thanks Little Bob!