Employee Spotlight: Donny Smith

Service above and beyond can only be accomplished when you have employees like Donny Smith. This month, we get to celebrate 19 YEARS with Donny on the CLS team! Thank you for your continued dedication and loyalty to CLS, our customers, and your team. Read more about Donny below:

Donny Smith came into CLS as an entry level employee and worked his way up to Director of Fabrication and Manufacturing by being the loyal, hardworking, and knowledgeable leader we know him to be. Donny has been a field mechanic, on the assembly line, and a shop foreman prior to his current position. All of the positions he has held within the company make him an extremely valuable member of our team because he understands each department and how they work together. No leader would be great without loyalty, patience, and honesty – three qualities that Donny possesses in any interaction with coworkers, vendors, customers, and friends. Donny’s positive characteristics extend to his wife, three children, and friends, many who also call him a coworker. CLS has been fortunate to employ Donny for the past 19 years as he embodies all the qualities that any company would love to have in a team member.